Comments from previous participants...

    "I felt I came away with so many ideas and eager to put them into practice"

    "Thank you for a great day, full of so much information - all relevant and useful"

  • Students of all ages – from primary school to U3A – to read, comprehend, think, plan, concentrate, write, remember, learn, manage exam stress
  • Children or adults with ADHD – to reduce and manage difficulties with concentration, focus, attention
  • Children and adults on the Autism Spectrum – particularly to reduce stress
  • Sports people – to improve coordination, confidence & peripheral vision, enhance technical & decision-making skills
  • Dancers – improve coordination, confidence, focus
  • Business people – improve clear thinking, time-management and interpersonal skills
  • Teachers – to assist their students while maintaining their own ability to remain calm and think clearly under pressure
  • Anyone living with Stress
  • Older people who want to maintain active minds and bodies

What are the benefits of using Brain Gym®?